Lina T. Superfan February 2020

Lina T., Superfan February 2020

I was introduced to KOKADI when I had my second son.  I already had carried my 1st son at that time, but I used a plain baby wrap from another manufacturer back then, as well as a baby carrier from another manufacturer.

When my second son was 3 months old, I was looking for a different carrier system.  Something that connects the benefits of a baby wrap and a baby carrier. Through research, I then found KOKADI.  It didn’t take too long for the first Wrapstar to move in.  Many more carriers and baby wraps followed.  I was impressed by all the different designs and the level of comfort.  I was and still am completely in love.  KOKADI made babywearing a passion for me.  It is part of our everyday life and makes things a lot easier for me. 

I even discovered sewing through experimenting with KOKADI fabrics! 

I got to know lovely people through the KOKADI fan club and through detours.

When my third baby came into the world after a short amount of time, I was super excited to be able to savor the wearing phase, the passion for KOKADI and the fabrics for one more time.  At the moment I have two babies, because my second son is still a clingy spider monkey at two and a half years.  When he gets tired at noon, he wants his “Eliah's baby carrier” and falls asleep on my back within minutes.  Thank you for those moments that I/we will hopefully be able to keep for a long time!