Sandra G. Superfan January 2020

Sandra G., Superfan January 2020

My name is Sandra, I am 30 years old and I am a mother of 2 children. Unfortunately, I only found out about KOKADI during my pregnancy with my second child through a colleague at work. I asked her for advice back then because I was carrying my first child in a baby carrier of another company and I was not at all satisfied.
When she showed me her beautiful Viktoria in wonderland baby wrap, I was so enthusiastic about the design and the colors that I rummaged through the KOKADI online shop the same evening. I fell in love with the Kira in wonderland design but unfortunately one month too late, as it turned out. My wish for a comfortable and colorful baby carrier was finally fulfilled when my colleagues gave me a Leon in wonderland WrapTai for the birth of my daughter. That’s when I started to love wearing babies in KOKADI baby carriers. Today, thanks to various lending-carriers, we have also got to know the advantages of baby wraps and slings, and we love it.
Sewing has fascinated me ever since my childhood. My mother, a qualified sexton, let me use her sewing machine when I was 6 years old, but I never really knew what exactly I could sew. It was only when I discovered cuddly toys made out of KOKADI fabric when I knew I had found my obsession. Since then I've been sewing all kinds of KOKADI soft toys. I think sewing is like magic and I love to get babies and people in general enthusiastic about something. That’s why my children and I always have something by KOKADI with us, in different shapes and variations.