Franziska H. Superfan July 2019

Franziska H., Superfan July 2019

My best friend is to blame for my personal KOKADI madness. We have shared our lives for more than 20 years now. Who would I trust more when it comes to what is best for my little sweetheart?
That's how I got to know about KOKADI during my pregnancy and our WrapStar Diorite Stars quickly moved in with us. I could not wait to wear my baby in it!
This was then confirmed again after Vinzenz‘ birth by our osteopath and so the stroller stayed unused while our collection of babywraps and carriers grew.
Especially the WrapStar in Babysize is our non plus ultra, it also has a great emotional value for me. But also our Flip, babywrap, RingSling and Onbu are used quite often. The initial thought that you only need one baby carrier - what a madness - was quickly rejected!
Since then, we remain loyal to KOKADI as it is a unique, highly customer-focused and customer-friendly company.
But not only the wonderful feeling of being able to be so close to your little miracle while wearing it, knowing that I'm doing the right thing, connects me to KOKADI. Meanwhile, I have met many mums. Some have come, walked a while with me and our ways parted again. A close core remains and I thank KOKADI for making it possible for me to meet such wonderful people. By now, the conversations go well beyond KOKADI. One stands by the other, through good and bad times. That's invaluable. We are so different and yet, for a moment in social media and far beyond, move together. With so many we do not know who is sitting there in front of the computer, what’s their stories and yet we know that the love for babywearing connects us. I like it every day anew and I'm looking forward to taking our follow-up baby with us into the KOKADI world.
Thank you KOKADI!