Ramona M. & Heidi W. Superfan June 2019

Ramona M. & Heidi W., Superfan June 2019

Kokadi builds bonds.

We are very happy that we can proudly show from Switzerland as well how much Kokadi builds bonds.

We came to Kokadi in different ways and have different designs and modells that we love.

We came into contact through a search post from Heidi for the upcoming baptism of her daughter and out of an Anna in Wonderland cuddly sheet exchange grew a friendship. We are like black and white, day and night and complement each other simply phenomenally.

We own many treasures, but our greatest treasure is our friendship. Our daughters are almost one year apart and yet, we spend a lot of time together.

KOKADI has brought us together and given us much courage even in dark hours.

What we want to give you KOKADI fans with on your way:
Babywearing is love and sometimes you can even hope for your matching counterpart.
We love our children, our babywearing moments, but above all - our friendship.