Steffi L. Superfan May 2019

Steffi L., Superfan May 2019

KOKADI has fascinated me from the very beginning. My best friend Sabrina introduced me to KOKADI during my pregnancy.

She explained each baby carrier model to me and showed me face to face how the baby carriers are put on. It was immediately clear to me that we would also need a KOKADI baby carrier!

Not only does the fabric look great, it also feels fantastic.

After I got my first baby carrier, a Paul in Wonderland Flip, baby blankets moved into our home quite quickly. And yes, I‘m admitting it, I'm an absolute KOKADI baby blanket junkie! They are so unique and I just love them!

Through KOKADI I‘ve gotten to meet very nice people and it‘s a great community. It's really fun sharing the KOKADI addiction with the other moms. I hope for more great contacts through KOKADI and I wish that all of us KOKADI-addicts continue to stick together and share this great community.

Thank you KOKADI for being you!