Jessica K. Superfan April 2019

Jessica K., Superfan April 2019

The subject „babywearing“ was something I was already very interested in during my pregnancy. So I went looking for a full buckle baby carrier that would be: comfortable, ergonomic, easy to put on and in a nice design.

Thanks to the tip of a sweet mom, I came across Kokadi, a previously unknown company. I quickly found what I was looking for in the online shop and ordered a flip babysize (Magic Dots Umea).

Our little one felt close and secure and slept contentedly within minutes, cuddled up to Mama's warmth, well-smelling skin and the sound of her heartbeat. With all the sensory overload in everyday life, he felt safe and comfortable with his Mama. Babywearing gave him the feeling of security.

A little later, other Kokadi products were added to our collection: Blankets, fabric packs, cuddly blankets and different baby carriers such as Tai Tai, Wrapstar or Sling. There are so many beautiful designst to choose from, so my small collection grew together quickly.

Whether while shopping, on out and abouts or during cleaning: you have your hands free and don’t miss out on oppurtunities. With a stroller, trips to the beach, in the woods or in the mountains would not be as uncomplicated as they are with a KOKADI baby carrier. Even breastfeeding worked great in it. Kokadi has made our everyday life much easier!

Through the facebook group "KOKADI Official Fanclub" I got to know many new and nice people. You can exchange ideas with each other, look forward to a new release or even have another mom’s baby carrier as a visitor on time, etc.
As a result, good friendships have been formed. Thanks for the time together.

Many thanks to Kokadi for the invitation to Kirchheim, we felt very welcome!. It was very exciting to look behind the scenes and get to know a part of the staff.