Mara R. Superfan March 2019

Mara R., Superfan March 2019

My name is Mara, I'm 27 years old, mom of two children and from Heilbronn. 

I have been "kokadificied" since the release of Marie Stars in 2017 and I started wearing my daughter Luana in a Marie Stars Tai Tai since July 2017. No design came got me like this and so I kept going back to Marie. Quickly it was clear, I need more more ... Several things like bags, a blanket, scarf, trousers and much more, moved in with us and made our Marie stash perfect!  At some point I was lucky and got hold of a WrapStar. 

Besides Marie, we also have other designs like Leo Mono Reverse, or Safari Rose as Flip and WrapStar. 

Thanks to KOKADI, I have come to known and love very dear mums that I do not want to miss anymore! I was even able to meet some of them in real life. Of course, as Luana turns 2 in July, our babywearing moments are not that common anymore, but I can enjoy them from time to time and enjoy those wonderful moments tot he fullest. I am grateful that I discovered babywearing. It truly made the first time with my baby a lot easier, and I had my hands free. I would do it just the same over again!

Thanks for the great, different designs and the friendships that have been created due to the fan group!  

KOKADI builds bonds. ❤️