Vanessa v. L. Superfan February 2019

Vanessa v. L. , Superfan February 2019

I'm Vanessa, 26 years old and mommy to two kids. I‘m from NRW (Germany) and now I am going to tell you something about me and you...
It all started almost 3 years ago, in December 2015. I was 5 months pregnant with my first daughter and browsed through eBay for a KOKADI baby carrier. I learned about babywearing through a friend of mine and was convinced of it right away.
So one evening eventful evening as  I was browsing through the internet... Leon came into my field of vision and conquered my heart within a matter of seconds. Green is the color of hope and has been my favorite color for a long time and green he was, Leon. Your Wonderland Design... ahhh, I’ve been falling for this Design ever since. There is no Design that is more beautiful to me.. okay, hardly none, the colorful feathers and fairies have conquered my heart as well.

Anyways, at the end of 2016/2017 it got me pretty bad. I already owned Leon in Wonderland and was quite satisfied with it, but all of a sudden you sucked me in completely.
I do not remember how it happened, but ever since I have been well known for my KOKADI addiction.

 What I have become you can well witness in the official fan club on Facebook.

The baby that started it all (Finya) and grew in my stomach back then, is now almost 3 years old and a big sister.
Lilya-Filomena was born in January 2018 and makes our babywearing-journey perfect. She’s addicted just as well. Not a day goes by, where I am not carrying her in a KOKADI baby wrap and it wasn’t any different with Finya. She slept so much more, thanks to babywearing.

I love how KOKADI makes my every day life easier. I can rightfully say, that I wouldn’t know what to do without babywearing.

Babywearing both of my girls is and never was a problem with KOKADI, but I prefer the WrapStar baby carrier for babywearing in winter. It’s just put on so easily and supports the weight of my children perfectly.

I also like to sew bags and accessories from scraps KOKADI baby wraps, so we always have matching accessories. It‘s just fun to process this diversity of KOKADI baby wraps.

Thank you for letting me spend the day with you at the office, I had a wonderful time!

My addiction and I will stay with you for a long time!