Kim B. Superfan January 2019

Kim B., Superfan January 2019

I am Kim, 33 years old and triple mom.

My big twins (Darla, 5 years, & Connor, who unfortunately could only get 2.5 years old) were proper stroller children. We had a briefing shortly after birth and also bought two carriers - no Kokadi - but both of the children, as well as my husband and I were not really convinced of babywearing. It was uncomfortable and just not nice.

When our little Hope was born in January 2018, I would never dreamed of wearing her. We didn’t get any carrying advice, and decided not to get anything to baby carrier for her.

By pure coincidence (actually I had participated because of another profit in the raffle ;-)) I then won  in March 2018 our first Kokadi: A Marie in Wonderland Flip babysize!! ?
Already during the unpacking, I was blown away by the great colors and the beautiful design and just tried on the flip!
And what should I say? Hope felt so good that she fell asleep immediately! I was so thrilled how quickly and easily it was to put the carrier on...

From then on, it was very fast: I joined the Facebook fan group and was in no time "kokadificied", as they say!

Meanwhile, we have a whole collection of different kokadi baby carriers, woven wraps, blankets, jewelry etc ... and actually wear it every day; Hope does not really like the stroller; and mom enjoys the closeness while wearing very much too.

By the way, not only do Hope's eyes light up when I take a baby carrier off hook, no, Darla is also in Kokadi fever, has her own doll carrier and prefers to wear the "Connor Rabbit" - in memory of her twin brother ?

Remains to mention that Kokadi truely builds bonds. In the fan club, I am always helped with questions and I always get great tips, we share our best moments together, unpack our Kokadi packages together and help each other in the search for our Diso products.
In addition, I was allowed to get to know pretty great baby wearing moms in real life too at the "Kokadi-meets". True friendships arose, which I would never have dreamed of a year ago...

I am truly grateful for that!

In addition, we can now announce that we’re expecting baby 4 & 5 and thus I look very forward to baby wearing and quite a lot of great moments with Kokadi once again ??