Why I do this!

Why do I do what I do?

Because I believe that this is a bit of a "better world", which is a life goal for all of us.

In the course of evolution, babies were always carried. To them, being carried after birth feels “just right.”

A baby’s skindesires the warm touch his or her mother’s skin. His or her eyes explore the different stimuli in a safe environment. The ears, trained during pregnancy to hear the surrounding sounds, are soothed by hearing the mother's heartbeat. Cuddled to the breast, which smells wonderfully like mama, which nourishes and comforts outside the womb.

The wrap / baby carrier swings softly, sometimes the baby detects sudden noises or shapes. But the baby does not care. It knows that this is the right way, the way it belongs. Experiencing the world in the safe arms of mama is exactly what is intended for our species.

When darkness sets, the baby sleeps by mama’s side. His or her eyes cannot yet focus clearly, but the skin contact, the breath, the smell of mama reassures the new arrival: everything is right, all is well.

That's why I live for babywearing. In our society today we question so many natural things with our intellect. Babywearing should not just be perceived as something fashionable. It should also be felt as what it feels like for me too: just right. What an ambition, to convey to your child the feeling of authenticity. All is well. Everything is correct. You are right. You are good. With me, you can look forward to what was written in your DNA in the course of evolution: growing up in your family, in the arms of your mother. Loving, warm and exciting. Safe and secure. In the here and now.

Your Ceyda

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