Tips for packing a hospital bag - checklist

Tips for packing a hospital bag - checklist


There are a few things you definitely shouldn’t miss in your clinic bag. We have created a checklist for you, so you don’t have to worry about your bag when you’re going in the delivery room.

-    Comfortable outfit for the delivery room
-    Slippers
-    Head pillow
-    Breastfeeding clothes
-    Nursing pads
-    Dressing gown
-    Flip flops for taking a shower
-    A pretty first outfit for the baby in size 50 and 56
-    Nursing bras 1-2 sizes larger than usual
-    Large t-shirts
-    Warm socks
-    A pretty outfit and a few make-up products for the first mother-child pictures
-    Comfortable outfits and shoes for your partner


Important Documents & Documents


- motherpass


- Wallet


- Insured Card


- Ggf. Clinic Registration Papers


- Birth Plan




- Lip Balm Sticks


 - Bluetooth Speaker / Favorite CD / MP3 Player for Listening to Music


- Good Camera / Polaroid Camera for the First Baby Photo


- Drinks and Foods at Your Discretion


- Mobile Phone Charger


- Dry Shampoo


 - Carrying Towel or Carrying Aid


- Mobile Phone


- Notepad


-app for all information drive to the clinic


 - disposable pad for the seat


 - spit bag



KOKADI wishes you a relaxing stay in the clinic and all the best for your new stage of life!

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