Ready for giving birth? hospital bags tips!


On facebook, we asked you to share your tips and tricks for packing a hospital bag with us.
Read what our community said here:

Lisa P., mum:

My most important tip for packing the hospital bag: Pack two bags! One for the delivery room, one for the maternity ward. This way, you`ll have all the important things at hand and you won`t have to dig in a large travel bag.
The delivery room bag includes a cozy outfit depending on the weather and slippers. Your own pillow can work wonders in resting periods! I love lip balms because with the whole breathing the lips can get quite dry. By the way, drinks and good snacks are must haves when the birth takes a long time. If music is good for you, you'll be happy if you bring Bluetooth speakers. And packing a decent camera will ensure that the first baby picture won’t be fuzzy
Put all the rest in a big bag: stylish clothes and nursing pads, a dressing gown that is pretty enough to take a walk across the station , Flip-flops for the shower, phone chargers and a pretty "Going Home" outfit for the baby, preferably one in size 50 and one in 56 – don’t leave it to your boyfriend/husband at home who has no taste ? Very important: a notepad or a an app to remember all the information you will get: when do I have to take which pill, where do I get the form for the registry office, when will my next appointment be ... Do not trust your memory alone , it might not work properly after giving birth.

The most important tip: be calm! No birth will go according to plan. So be open-minded and let things happen the way they do. As we say in the Rhineland: " et kütt wie er kütt – what will happen will happen!


Svenja, mum:

I am Svenja, 24 years old, I live together with my boyfriend and we have a 3 and a half year old son. He has also taught me what I will put in my hospital bag for child #2!

1. WAY less clothes .. to be honest … you’ll be provided with underwear by the hospital (which is really comfortable), so only bring nursing bras 1-2 sizes bigger than your usual size, wide shirts (from your boyfriend‘s collection ?) If photos are to be made - have a chic outfit and make-up at hand if you want to.

A dressing gown would also be great, if there is no shower in you room ..
It is so unpleasant to walk over a hallway and climb in an extremely narrow shower if bending down is almost impossible ?? and you have no suitable dressing gown at hand!

 Further essential: dry shampoo! Because of the birth injury, I was not allowed to take a shower ... but after a birth, the hair getss oily very quickly. Or, as a precaution, wash your hair with rye shampoo at home before giving birth - acts like dry shampoo in retrospect – don‘t worry you won’t be able to bake bread on your head ?

Take a favorite CD with you or an MP3 player (do you still have them nowadays?) I think that makes the nasty, nasty pains bearable

Very important: Let somebody bring you your favorite food! (Yeah well, you should not, but ..) There is no better man than the one who brings you a German „Mettbrötchen“ with onions, instead of soon withering flowers!
Do you have a Polaroid camera? Use it! I love those 'old-fashioned‘ pictures that are so nostalgic! And bring a sling to the hospital :) The first cuddly moments in my baby wrap- were wonderful- I think that would have helped us in the hospital breastfeeding
?. I think that’s it now!

Best wishes,
Svenja and the current toddler

 Charlotte J., Mum and Midwife:

Dear Mommy, As a midwife AND newly mum I can tell you from two perspectives what really belongs in your birth bag. Important: start packing soon enough, you will still have to change them often enough! Set up a small separate bag to put things in, which should be handy (men regularly despair looking for certain things in fully-stocked birth bags!). In this small bag you pack your mother passport, wallet, insurance card, mobile phone, if necessary registration papers of the clinic and birth plan (dare to write down your wishes and ideas for the birth, so the midwives can respond better to you). You also take a well-stocked food basket! The midwife speaks in me! Childbirth can last ... especially first-time mothers are often several hours in the nursery / birthplace. Take with you coke, chocolate and muesli bars, dextrose, bananas, biscuits, pretzel sticks or these fruit squirts for children! Especially at night, there is often only rusk and coffee and tea in stock in the delivery room.

Even if you will not have an appetite even under contract, your husband will thank you! And sometimes a glass of coke helps with true labor in birth true miracles! Otherwise, especially practical and cozy clothes, for you and your husband! Men sweat sometimes in the warm delivery room, at night is a sweatpants comfortable and comfortable shoes of advantage! You do not have to buy anything special for the birth, do not make yourself extra fancy, at some point you will not care what you look like, so it's not worth buying a high-priced "birth shirt". I myself was incredibly warm under contractions, the only thing I still had on was a breast-bustier, that does not push and you can possibly even start it in the tub.

You should also pack warm socks, as well as cozy clothes for the way home. Also useful is a lip balm. If you want you can take your own music, but I did not think about it at all. For your baby, it's best to pack the home-away outfit right in a bag in the Maxicosi, which also protects the dad from the desperate search. Celebrate the selection of baby clothes, it will be the first thing your baby wears! I personally love wool-silk clothing for the little ones, which is comfortable to wear and helps with temperature regulation. Last but not least, a tip for the car ride: take a disposable pad for the seat (you'll see some blisters burst in your car) and a spit bag. That also contributes to Papas relaxation! As always pack the case: we take everyone too much anyway! But it is also good, you do not know what to expect, what is good for the birth, how long you will be away from home. Most things you need after birth. You do not need much in the delivery room itself. Ideally you take a trusted person (husband, mother, girlfriend ...) with you and have a competent, already known midwife at your side!

Enjoy the anticipation of the adventure of birth! It is unique ...

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