KOKADI fan approved: Flip Max in Wonderland

I was allowed to test the Flip Max in wonderland of Kokadi for 2 days on functionality, ergonomics, practicality and haptics. 

Functionality - how easy is it to put on the baby carrier? 

The baby carrier is a full-buckle carrying aid; that is, the baby carrier is closed by means of buckles. The flip is super easy to create and above all very easy to adjust to the respective carrier. The fact that the waist belt and the straps - similar to a backpack - after tightening only need to be tightened slightly, the flip can also be worn great by different people. Because it is so easy to handle, it is also very fast. This is very helpful in everyday life. 

Furthermore, the baby carrier has an adjustable bridge. This is very useful and, in my opinion, also necessary to ensure the correct squat-spreading position of the baby. The bridge is easily adjustable by means of Velcro and can be adapted to the respective baby. 

Did the baby carrier help me in everyday life during the 2 days? 

The very clear answer is YES! Cleaning, cooking, washing clothes ... All things that occur daily in the household. But not always so easy to master with baby. Since my little one always needs a lot of body contact, it is hardly possible for me to put her in the playpen for a while to do some household chores. A heartbreaking cry is in most cases the result when I try to shed it. With the baby carrier I could now have my baby quite comfortably with me and still do all things in the household. So everyday life can be combined with a lot of security and closeness. Even when walking, the baby carrier proves to be a real asset. Starting with the fact that I no longer have to lug the bulky and heavy stroller out of the basement up the stairs. It not only spares the annoying towing - with the baby carrier you are also much faster. It's set up in seconds, which was especially useful in the 2 days when my baby screamed. When I put her in the baby carrier and walked up and down the apartment a few paces, she calmed down within seconds. We also like to walk in the adjacent forest. Here, however, our stroller comes to its limits due to the bumpy surface. Also for our baby, it is rather uncomfortable with the stroller in the forest, as the bumpy ground is also passed on to the wheels of the stroller. With the baby carrier and the bumpy forest floor, however, no problem. So we did a lot of laps in the woods with Max during the weekend. Also a small excursion to the next larger town was in the last 2 days with the baby carrier . Again, the stroller could only score in contrast to the baby carrier. We were able to sit in a small café without any problems. The stroller would definitely not fit into this little cafe anymore. With a stroller we would have rather waived the visit or had to leave the stroller outside and have to take the baby in our arms in the cafe. Which is rather impractical with a 12-week-old baby. Also, the baby carrier is very comfortable to wear - fear of back or shoulder pain remained. The baby carrier makes everyday life for me and for the little one much more pleasant and stress-free. Through the flip is possible to master both the everyday life and at the same time to give my baby the proximity that it needs. Everyday wearers have become indispensable in everyday life. 


The baby carrier is unbelievably cuddly and very soft due to the carrier fabric. The baby carrier fabric by Max in Wonderland consists of 60% cotton and 40% bamboo viksose. With the baby carrier the child is very close to Mama; because of the cuddly baby carrier fabric, the baby also has enough space to keep the back naturally round. Also, the baby carrier fabric is thick enough to distribute the weight of my little one (she now weighs 6kg) perfectly on the whole baby carrier - without that you get back or shoulder pain. 


The Flip Max in Wonderland is a great, ergonomic and especially beautiful baby carrier . It makes everyday life so much easier and allows me to be very close to my child, even in the all-rounder. The carrying moments calm my baby immensely and there is nothing better than a mother so closely connected with her child. Carrying is security and love. And thanks to Kokadi's baby carrier, my child and I can experience it every day.


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