It isn't just "babywearing"

The hurting lack of movement is what makes our little babies cry.
The agilelite, the warmth is missing.
The sound. The mobile.
All the things that the baby has experienced daily in the mother's womb.
It was rocked every day from conception. Every day, it heard her voice regularly. Sudden sounds, but also calming, regular breathing at night.
And suddenly everything is missing. The mother puts her little baby in a pretty bed. She got the crib during pregnancy. Later, she puts her long-awaited child into a stroller. Of course, she wants the best for her baby. She has read up on which stroller is the right one for her little sweetheart and her. When the baby cries, she rocks it back and forth in the stroller. Due to the rocking, the baby calms down. But the rocking is not like in mum's stomach. It is different. The baby calms down and mom stops rocking. She removes her hand from the handle of the stroller and sits back in her chair.
And suddenly the emptiness is back. The baby can’t see further than the inner lining of the basket in which it lies.
It does not hear the mum‘s breathing.
It does not smell mum’s wonderful scent.
And neither the smell of soothing mother's milk.
It is in the eternal now - without knowing when the hurting emptiness will stop. It cries. And sobs. And screams. The mother knows that now it's time to feed again. For a short time she finally takes her little baby into her arms. And everything is good. It can stay like this forever. The hurting is forgotten. It's all right and good. It's warm, it smells like mum, the baby can hear mum’s rhythmic breathing. It feels its body through the physical contact with the mother.
How nice it would be if this moment existed forever - as with other mothers who have been carrying their little one since birth and have been satisfying the needs of their child.
The unspoken needs that the baby can not pronounce.
Which it tries to show by strong, shrill crying at first and later by soft whimpering.
Copyright Ceyda Temur

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