Golden (Babywearing) Autumn

Autumn is a beautiful season on its own. The wind blows, leaves turn different hues of red, yellow and brown, providing the landscape with a beautiful and natural decoration. This is the season to carry your child through the world while discovering new beauty in the well-known. 
So, to what should you pay attention? After all, your baby surely will want to crawl through the colourful heaps of leaves. Your toddler will want to explore these fascinating surroundings on his or her own two feet. We recommend that you choose a KOKADI carrier that you feel comfortable with. Once your child wants to be let out of the carrier, it often can’t happen fast enough. The more comfortable and practised you are, the faster you will be. Our European autumn clothing suggestions are: a body, a thin pullover, medium-thick pants with socks and if needed LegWarmers for cooler days. Don’t forget rubber boots, if it’s wet outside. Let the fun begin!
After an enjoyable day outside, once your little one starts getting tired, put him or her back in the carrier before he or she starts getting cranky and whiney. After all, is there anything better than cuddling your baby close after a nice walk outside and watching small yawns and sighs while sleep overcomes your little one. Sweet Dreams!
Be sure to take a few minutes, to relax and breathe in the fresh air full of autumn smells, while you and your baby catch the last warm rays of sun. 
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