Diaper Cake Instructions

You need:
- 2 packs of diapers
- Household rubbers
- Gift ribbons (narrow and wide)
- 1 KOKADI cuddly blanket
- accessories if needed (feathers, construction paper for eyes, beak, ears; ...)

1. Take a diaper and roll it tight on. Fix the roll with a household rubber.
2. For the different shapes you wrap a diaper around the roll, fix it with a household rubber and roll the next one around.
3. You repeat this until a large diaper roll emerges, which then becomes the body of your character. 4. You do the same for the head and on demand, the ears, eyes, etc. For that, you just use less diapers, so that the role is smaller. There are no limits to your creativity!
5. In order for your figure to remain stable, fixing with household gums is important.
6. When you are done with all roles, you connect them to your character. Use the gift ribbon for this. 7. Now the most important! - Take your KOKADI cuddly blanket, fold it tight and put it around your figure. To fix the cuddle cloth well on your diaper figure, just wrap a nice gift ribbon (we use a wide satin ribbon) around the whole figure, or the cuddle cloth and finish your work with a pretty bow!
8. Now you can decorate your KOKADI diaper cake with accessories!

With small details, a little effort and a lot of love, you can easily make a big smile out of diapers and one of our cuddly soft KOKADI cuddly blankets on the new mum!

Have fun creating your own KOKADI diaper cake!
Your KOKADI team 

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