In good times and in bad

Challenging weeks lie behind us and nobody knows how many we still have to get through. In 10 years of company history there has certainly been no comparable challenge.  Even though none of our colleagues has been infected with the Covid-19 virus, we clearly feel the changes and limitations. There are journeys we could not take. Events that we have to postpone until further notice. Loved colleagues, whom we can no longer meet every day in the office.

But what makes a reliable partner? Exactly, he's there in case of an emergency. He does not shirk his responsibility. And we want to be that reliable partner for you. Whether as a manufacturer of baby carriers and baby wraps to make your parents‘ everyday life easier or to bring a smile to your lips with our cuddly products.

We do everything in our power to protect both you and our employees in the best possible way. Except for our heroes, who hold the fort in logistics and make sure that your goods arrive as soon as possible, we all work in our home office.

Our products arrive already packed in cartons and are prepared for shipping exclusively by one employee. According to the current state of knowledge, an infection through our materials can be excluded.

KOKADI has always stood for safety, sustainability, responsibility and the family. But in times like these, our values gain even more importance.

For present and future generations. In good times and in bad.

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