Baking Christmas cookies with children

Whether it’s cinnamon stars, vanilla kipper, jam biscuits or classic christmas cookies: We have put together some helpful tips for all of you who are planning on baking christmas cookies with their children this year.  Have fun trying these tips out!

  1. Sometimes it’s not easy for our little ones when they help out at the kitchen table: Often enough, they can't reach the work surface with their cute short arms.  For such cases, it is advisable to work on a lower kitchen table - so every kid can participate!
  2. Dough sticking to clothing ist he worst, but there are tools called kitchen aprons to help you with the issue. They are not only useful, or funny to look at, but they also have the power of making you feel like a real kitchen chef. 
  3. Let the kids do a lot by themselves if possible!  This is not only super fun for them, but above all it supports their self-confidence and self-reliance.  Caution: When working with the blender and the hot oven, then the help of mom/dad is needed. 
  4. Are the kids tired of kneading, rolling out and cutting out the cookies?  Then it’s the perfect time to get into the cozy KOKADI baby carrier!  This way, the Christmas bakers can take a nap and overcome the wait faster until the cookies in the oven are done.  And you can be wonderfully close to your baby.

Still searching for a cookies recipe? We have one for you that is very quick to make… and you probably already have the ingredients at home!


500 g flour
250 g butter
250 g sugar
3 eggs
½ packet of baking powder
125 g almonds


  1. Knead all ingredients in a bowl to a shortcrust pastry. Wrap the dough in aluminum foil and place it in the fridge overnight. 
  2. The next day, roll out the dough thin on a flour-covered surface. 
  3. Cut out cookies as desired and place them on a baking tin lined with baking paper. 
  4. Preheat the oven to 175 degrees and bake the cookies for about 10 minutes.

 And just like that, your delicious Christmas cookies are done!  If you want to continue and decorate them, you can beat an egg until it‘s stiff and gradually add some powdered sugar and lemon juice, for example.  The result is a milky looking frosting that stays perfectly on the cookies and also works as glue if you want to sprinkle some candy on top oft them, for example.

KOKADI wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

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