Carrying in summer

The most important thing first:

Please always avoid direct sun contact at noon. Not for nothing many southern countries have siesta: the time around noon is for resting, recharging and cooling. Keep yourself in the shade or indoors. Make sure your baby is getting enough fluid: Offer breastfeeding as needed and be aware of signs of hunger (often it is also just thirst).

Light clothing is the perfect choice: A light cotton shirt with long sleeves as well as airy pants are absolutely sufficient for sun protection. If the pants are pulled upwards while carrying, just put your baby a light blanket (our recommendation: KOKADI CuddlyBlanket) on or use light leg warmers for your little darling.

Always pay attention to a head cover. A light cotton hat in bright colors is ideal!


If you have a KOKADI Flip Performance:

Take the mesh headrest instead of the cotton hat. To release the back, fold the back flap upwards and fasten it with the Velcro.


You can simply check whether your child is still too warm: If the neck is still very hot and sweaty, you can also wash up the small feet lukewarm. Make sure that the water is not cold but only lukewarm. You can test the temperature of the water with your elbow. This allows your baby to sleep peacefully and enjoy the proximity to you to the fullest.

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