Babywearing in spring: wonderful cuddle moments

Your KOKADI baby carrier or babywrap will usually replace a layer of clothing on your baby. Whether your little sweetheart is too warm or too cold, you'll see best on it's neck. If this feels pleasantly warm, it is just dressed right. On the other hand, if it sweats or feels cold, it is advisable to adjust the clothes of your little one accordingly. Our recommendation: the good, old layered look!

• Never forget the hat: whether a bonnet on cooler days or a sunhat with neck protection in early summer - always protect your baby's head!
• The feet and legs of your baby are out of the baby carrier or babywrap while worn. Therefore, for example, cover it additionally with a thicker pair of socks and leg warmers. For this, we recommend our wonderful leg warmers:
• Overalls out of wool are perfect for your baby during for cooler weather! They optimally regulate the temperature of your baby. That way, your baby doesn't become too warm or too cold!
• Babywearing-jackets are a wonderful companion for everyday babywearing in the spring! They warm your baby and you reliably and protect you in wind and weather. Dress your baby underneath it just like home: a body, a long-sleeved top, a pair of pants and / or a pair of tights.
• A Babywearing Cover also provides wind and weather protection in cool temperatures or drizzle. A selection of our stylish Babywearing Covers and Jackets can be found here:

With just a few tricks, your baby and you will be perfectly equipped for all weather conditions during the spring and will be able to enjoy wonderful spring days while babywearing.

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