Babytragetuch-info introduces itself

Babytragetuch-info introduces itself

Dear KOKADInen,

on you will find all sorts of information about baby carriers. In the following, the team introduces itself to you. Have fun while reading! "We from are happy to introduce ourselves here , We have made it our goal to bring together all sorts of baby sling and baby carriers and to provide information in a compact form, a real help for parents. Meanwhile, there is a huge range of Baby Carrying Aids. If you expect your first child, or even the second or third, or if you are looking for a supplement to the stroller, you can despair of the supply fullness. Anyone who has no time for a carrying advice, or would like to inform themselves in advance about the various options, will find what we are looking for. We also want to incorporate the experience of parents to provide good online advice.

In doing so, we make every effort to keep all recommendations up-to-date and to constantly expand the guidebook. We're excited to announce a KOKADI baby sling and recommend. At KOKADI we like the great selection of designs and designs, which are presented with beautiful pictures. The highest quality and safety for the extensive range are guaranteed. The ergonomic design depends entirely on the needs of the children and the wearers. In addition, comprehensive accessories are offered. Relief in everyday life is guaranteed.

The first question that beginner newcomers usually ask is about the right binding technique. The large slings are initially unfamiliar and you do not really know where to go. But once you get the hang of it, you do not even know why you had any reservations. We try in our guide to bring the most common winding techniques closer and have uploaded a few video tutorials. For those who still find the wrapping too laborious, they can fall back on practical baby carriers. They fulfill the same purpose, are just as ergonomic and are designed quickly. Which sling or baby carrier it should be, that you have to decide individually for you. Choose the right size, shape and color for your child and yourself. If your baby feels comfortable in it, nothing stands in the way of a happy time in bed. And you have more time and hands for other things again. "We hope you enjoyed this little insight.


Your KOKADI team 

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