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It isn't just "babywearing"

Satisfying baby's needs by babywearing: a beautiful text by our founder Ceyda Temur.

Why I do this!

A short look at babys from Ceyda's eyes
Safari has 320 g/m², Marie in Wonderland 272 g/m² and Diorite Stars 225 g/m².
But what does this actually mean and what does it mean for you as a babywearing mother or daddy?
Soon it will be time again: Carnival is coming up and many small and large mice, Indians and magicians wander through the cities!

Enter our Wonderland!

A beautiful tree whose roots are no longer recognizable, a tree that carries hearts. A flock of birds ascending into the sky wing flapping. This is our Wonderland, a real KOKADI original – deeply rooted as the immutable love of a mommy to her child who wants to give her darling infinite security and any freedom in life.

Golden (Babywearing) Autumn

Autumn is a beautiful season on its own. The wind blows, leaves turn different hues of red, yellow and brown, providing the landscape with a beautiful and natural decoration. This is the season to carry your child through the world while discovering new beauty in the well-known.

Carrying in summer

Yippee, summer`s here. Finally enjoy the sun, be outdoor and sip cool drinks! Summer is also a unique season for children. In order to feel comfortable mums and dads should, however, be aware of some facts!

Trend Colors for summer 2017

Finally summer has arrived in Germany. We have looked around for you and found the current trend colors.
Many mothers ask themselves: Am I able to breastfeed my child tied in the baby wrap?
Yes, of course! And even very discreetly and almost "to go".
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