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We want to say THANK YOU!

We are thankful for each and every one of you! This month, the announcement of the “fan of the month” will be slightly different…

In good times and in bad

Challenging weeks lie behind us and nobody knows how many we still have to get through. But what makes a reliable partner? Exactly, he's there in case of an emergency. He does not shirk his responsibility.
We tell you how to meet the challenge to celebrate New Year's Eve with your Baby.
Half of the advent calendar chocolate has already been eaten… Christmas is knocking on our doors! And of course, there’s one thing you can’t skip when you’re doing christmas preparations: Christmas cookies in all shapes and colors!
From wonderfully warm, almost summer-like days, to bitter cold, windy and rainy: the spring has a lot to offer in terms of changing weather! It is not without reason that many babywearing parents ask themselves: how do I best dress my baby for babywearing in spring?
We have summarized our most important clothing tips for a fantastic babywearing spring for you and your baby: so you can experience wonderful wearing moments throughout the whole spring season - indoors and outdoors!

Diaper Cake Instructions

A popular, practical and very beautiful gift idea for newly or expecting moms, is a lovingly assembled, homemade diaper cake - especially if KOKADI is involved!

We’re going to explain how you can easily make on of those at home!
There are babies who get their first tooth with almost no fuss. For others, however, the breakthrough of the first tooth begins a very painful ordeal. The poor thing are in pain, they are restless and of course they can’t sleep. As parents, of course, we see the pain of our little ones and are desperately trying to make their situation as pleasant as possible and to relieve their pain.

That's why we've summarized our best tips and tricks for you on how to make teething easier for your baby!
Many parents already know, babywearing during the winter season is not only beautiful but especially good. But how do you protect your baby from the cold and keep it warm and safe? We've collected the most important tips and tricks in our blog for you!
Baby carriers are becoming more and more popular every year. But what do you have to look out for in a good baby carrier?
Test of flip Max in Wonderland
On facebook, we asked you to share your tips and tricks for packing a hospital bag with us.
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