Size chart

So that you can enjoy the optimal KOKADI babywearing comfort at all times and your baby sits ergonomically correctly, it is advisable to wear the appropriate baby carrier size or baby wrap lengths.

The appropriate baby carrier size

We offer all KOKADI baby carriers with the exception of the Onbu in three different sizes. So you can carry your baby from birth (from 3.5 kg) until the end of your individual wearing time. The Onbu baby carrier is specially designed for toddlers and as a pure back carrier and therefore only available in toddler sizes and XL.

Size recommendation for KOKADI baby carriers

Babysize up to dress size 80, recommendet up to 15 kg
Toddler from dress size 74 to 98, recommendet up to 20 kg
XL from dress size 86 to 104, recommendet up to 30 kg


The appropriate Length of your KOKADI baby wrap

SizeLength of wrap
Size 3 ca. 3.20 m
Size 4 ca. 3.70 m
Size 5 ca. 4.20 m
Size 6 ca. 4.60 m
Size 7 ca. 5.20 m
RingSling ca. 1.90 m to the long side
Doll Wrap ca. 0.20 m x 2.70 m

We offer our wraps in different lengths. KOKADI wraps are generously cut. You can expect a seam allowance of about 5 percent.

Tying instructions

Which one is right for you depends on the one hand on the tying of the wrap and on the other hand on your clothing and body size.

Tying instruction/body size1.60 m – 1.70 m1.70 m – 1.80 m1.80 m – 1.90 m
Kangaroo carry 3 4 4 - 5
Rucksack carry 3 4 4 – 5
Wrap cross carry 4 – 5 5 – 6 6 – 7
Der Kreuzrucksack 5 6 7
Double hammock 5 6 7
Hip carry 4 – 5 5 6
RingSling 1.7 m 1.8 m – 1.9 m 1.9 m – 2.1 m

These values are indications for women with size 38/40. Dainty or strong women need a shorter or longer wrap for their individual tying types. Men are usually stronger and bigger, so a larger wrap is recommended.