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Avant-garde weave

Our KOKADI avant-garde line represents a new type of wrap design: striking and outstanding. The finely woven structure ensures security and cosiness for your baby. Despite the thinness of the wraps, they are incredibly catchy and stable, but at the same time still soft and easy to tie. Whether older kids or new-borns, both are feeling equally comfortable and protected.


Babywearing consultancy
  • 1. When can I carry my baby in a baby wrap?
    Birth is an incredible achievement of your body. The pelvic floor is still stretched and possibly existing scars should heal. It’s possible to carry your baby as soon as you feel ready for it. Your baby must be supported by the baby wrap to insure not tilting to the side and sinking into itself.

  • 2. Can I carry a new-born upright in a baby wrap?
    Yes, in case your baby is firmly embedded in the baby wrap. The back as well as the neck must be held and supported safely.

  • 3. Is it unhealthy to carry my baby directly after birth?
    No, but you should choose a wrapping technique that’s comfortable for you and your baby. Thanks to the right wrapping technique the baby’s body posture can be supported.

  • 4. Is my baby getting enough oxygen in the baby wrap?
    Yes. There is no difference between the oxygen saturation of baby’s who are carried and those who are not.

  • 5. How long can I carry my baby during the day?
    There is no specification. As long as it is fun for you and your baby, carrying is absolutely recommended. When your sweetheart wants to get off the baby wrap, it will send a clear signal. But keep in mind, not every day is the same. There are days in which your baby likes to be carried (e.g. when your sweetheart is sick or teething). But there are days in which your baby wants to explore the world on its own.

  • 6. Do I spoil my baby by carrying it in a baby wrap?
    No. You pay attention to the basic needs of your baby’s desire for closeness and safety. The mutual trust between both of you helps to strengthen your baby for the future.

  • 7. How long should a baby wrap be?
    The length of the wrap depends on the wrapping and your body size. Our size chart will help you making the right choice.

  • 8. What’s the perfect way to carry my baby in summer?
    In summer, you can carry your baby in the baby wrap. Try to choose light clothes and avoid direct sun contact. Additionally, you can use sun protection for your baby in order to eliminate the risk of a sunburn.

  • 9. What’s the perfect way to carry my baby in winter?
    The baby wrap can usually be seen as a clothing layer. Small babies can be carried comfortably under the jacket. Choose clothes that your baby is normally wearing at home. And don’t forget to take care of your baby’s feet to ensure they are warm enough. Additionally, a warm cap is important for the head. If you carry more than one baby or you carry them on your back, it is recommended to wear a cover or a jacket.

Our KOKADI baby carriers are coming in three size variations. Babysize is the smallest size in our assortment and can be used from birth to approx. size 80.

Bonded weave

The bonded weave is a brand-new weave on the woven wrap market. It was specially developed by KOKADI. What makes it special? Overlapping fabrics. The special advantage to the bonded weave is that the woven layers are only connected to one another at the points where the patterns come together. This means that the colours of the patterns are uniquely clear and beautiful, and (as an extra bonus) it allows us to make our wraps much thinner before. Wraps woven in this style are incredibly catchy, but still soft and cuddly, perfect for carrying larger children. The fabric is diagonal flexible and well suited for wrapping beginners because the two layers balance out any unevenness that may happen during the wrapping process.

Bridge width

The width of the bridge is the back part, which is attached to the waist belt. The adjustment of the width is done via Velcro.


Care instructions
  • 1. Am I allowed to wash my baby wrap or baby carrier?
    Yes. Thereby it must be ensured that the care depends on the most sensitive fibre (for example silk). Furthermore, it’s important that the detergents don’t contain bleacher and brighteners. Products with viscose should also be washed with enzyme-free detergent.

    By the way: Did you know that KOKADI has been pre-washing all its products since the company was founded? Thus our KOKADI baby carriers and wraps are so cuddly and soft! An investment that we would like to offer you as a free service - so you can save the often crucial first wash. The fibers swell, soften, join and provide optimum protection. Therefore you can use your new favorite product immediately after unpacking and discover the world with your little sweetheart.

  • 2. Is it necessary to put my KOKADI in a laundry bag?
    No, the products can be put in the laundry drum as they are. On the contrary: if a wrap is washed in a pillowcase, there is increased friction between the two materials.

  • 3. How should I wash my RingSling?
    Regarding the laundry of a RingSling, make sure the ring is covered by a small pillowcase, a little bag or a sock. Thus the aluminium rings do not scrape on the washing drum and there are no unsightly scratches.

  • 4. Is it possible to wash my KOKADI carrier in the washing maschine?
    Due to the processed foam, we advise against the wash cycle in the washing machine. The foam is specially produced for our products: it reverts to its original shape after use. This function can not be ensured over time with warm washing. We recommend hand washing with sensitive detergent.

  • 5. Why does my KOKADI with bamboo does not shine any longer after washing? What can I do?
    In order to keep your KOKADI with bamboo shining again, we recommend moderately warm ironing. The bamboo fiber swells like any other fiber during the washing process. By ironing, the surface smooths and the silky shine comes back.

  • 6. Can I put my KOKADI with silk in the dryer?
    No, as with any other silk clothing, the dryer is not the best choice. It is best to dry your silk product lying. Ensure that there is no direct exposure to the sun.

  • 7. My KOKADI has some wear and tear. How can I remove this?
    If your KOKADI does not look new after wild adventures with your baby, you can remove any pilling with a pilling shaver and recover the original brilliance with moderately warm ironing.

  • 8. How can I fix a thread puller?
    It’s absolutely no reason to panic. Most of the time, it can be fixed with a few handles. First of all, the attempt should be made to pull the thread, through diagonally sketching of the fabric, back. Then the rest of the thread can be pulled back in the fabric with the help of a small needle. Also washing helps to get thread pullers simply go back again: the fiber swells up and the threads pull back to their original location.

  • 9. Do shifts of the fabric affect the safety of the baby wrap?
    No, mostly such shifts are only an optical problem. But at this point the wrap got a little bit thinner, and therefore more vulnerable regarding further damages. That’s the reason why the baby wrap should be washed before the first usage despite of pre-washing. Hence, the fibres can swell and shifts can be minimized. Especially intermittent stress can support the emergence of shifts. In the case, such shifts are already occurred, it can help to wash the baby wrap again.

  • 10. How can I keep my KOKADI stable?
    In the case of woven goods, it is perfectly ok that it shrinks approx. 5 to 10 percent. That depends strongly on the weaving and the material. In order to get your KOKADI back into its original shape, you can simply iron your product and pull it at the same time. If your KOKADI is still wet, you can pull it in the wet state and let it dry on the line.
  • 1. Is it safe to carry your baby in a KOKADI baby carrier?
    Yes, our baby carriers are unique regarding fabrication. Furthermore, our carriers are subject to rigorous quality controls.

  • 2. How can I close the waist buckle the right way?
    Push the buckle under the security rubber band and secure it with the counterpart. Make sure that no pressure or weight lies on the safety band to avoid the wearing out of the rubber band. The safety band only serves as an additional holder, in case the actual buckle opens accidently. Therefore, a pressure on the safety band, as long as it is not used, isn't recommended.

The cashmere yarns are directly gained in turkey, not far from our weaving plant, from the local “keşmir“ goats. The factory from which we source our yarns, pays attention to appropriate maintenance. The hair is combed and not plucked. Furthermore, there are extended periods between the individual batches. Instead of mechanically shorn wool, we only use hand combed wool fibres. By the way, the cashmere wool is so special because it is the undercoat of the goat and is much finer than the fur. Only about 50 – 150 grams per goat can be won. This is also the reason why the percentage of wool parts in our products is relatively low compared to other textile manufacturers: we want to combine sustainability with fashion awareness.

Classic weave

The classic weave is characterized by a kind of “fish bone” construction. These wraps are particularly stretchy and therefore experienced as cuddly and very supple. We recommended the classic weave wraps especially for “baby wrap beginners”.


Cotton is a natural fibre. The cotton fibres are obtained from the seed and then spun into threads and yarns. Our cotton is 100 % organic and is carefully chopped by hand.



The uniqueness of KOKADI is the continually growing community. Because KOKADI is an attitude towards life! Especially our Facebook page gives our fans the possibility to inform themselves about the latest products and releases. Moreover, it’s possible to interact with the whole KOKADI family and get a lot of new inspirations through the numerous postings. And the best of it – We constantly prepare amazing specials for our fans. Besides raffles, we also post discount campaigns. And because of the fact that KOKADI is shipping in more than 40 countries worldwide, we also have an international KOKADI page. And for those who are still not sufficient – there are groups like “KOKADI Official Fanclub” for an intensively exchange with other “Kokadinen” or the “KOKADI fans Trade & Sell” Facebook group, in which you can find rare collection pieces.

Full Buckle

The Full Buckle baby carrier, for example the KOKADI Flip, can be closed and opened through buckles at the waist belt and shoulder straps.


The shoulder straps and the waist belt are thickly padded with soft foam for high comfort while carrying your baby. The waist belt is opened and closed with the KOKADI buckle. The shoulder straps allow progressive, variable settings to adjust them perfectly to the one who carries. KOKADI is offering the baby carrier Flip in two variations, the Flip Performance and the Flip Performance Air. Both come with a mesh fabric on the shoulder straps and the waist belts. Additionally, the Air variation has a zippable opening on the back of the baby.


Half Buckle

In contrast to our Full Buckle carrier, the Half Buckle (for example TaiTai) can be closed and opened solely at the waist belt with a buckle.


It is a natural fibre. Our hemp fibres are made from industrial hemp and spun into yarns. They are extremely tearproof and usually more durable than cotton.



“A picture is worth a thousand words”
And that’s why we are also active on Instagram. Follow our KOKADI account and be sure to receive all KOKADI insights and news in a fast and sophisticated way on your mobile phone.


Jacquard fabric

The Jacquard technique is a luxurious weave which allows to weave baby wraps with beautiful patterns. This is done through a special mechanical Jacquard weaving loom. There are no limits to the imagination. The fabric is diagonally elastic and therefore, fits perfectly to your baby’s back.



“KOKADI connects fashion and an environmentally conscious lifestyle! We exclusively use the best organic raw materials, which are fairly traded and will be configurated to our beloved baby carriers and baby wraps in the EU. We revolutionize the common babywearing market due to our stylish, colourful and modern designs. That’s our key to success for making us the most popular specialist in the fields of ergonomical baby carriers and baby wraps”. Ceyda Temur (CEO & Founder)


With every purchase in our online shop, you will receive a KOKADI star for every 1 € you spend, that you can redeem on your next purchase and save money. With a KOKADI star you have a price advantage of 0.01 €. In case of returns, the KOKADI stars are cleared from the customer account.


Limited Edition

A special feature of KOKADI is the weekly release of a new limited edition. For us, it is important to offer our customers a wide range of different unique designs and therefore, react to current fashion trends as well as the wishes of our KOKADI community. That’s why we are releasing a new variation of our beloved KOKADI designs every week.

  • 1. How can I get information about an upcoming release?
    Through our social media channels. Our official KOKADI Facebook Page (@kokadi.baby) offers you a lot of postings in which you can find information to all of our releases. The teaser for the forthcoming release will be published usually one day before or at the same day. Additionally, our newsletter comes with all essential information and product details of the limited edition.

    Recently we also offer a WhatsApp Newsletter, in which you can sign in at our website www.kokadi.de. Be one of the first that will be informed about the latest specials and releases exclusively through our WhatsApp Newsletter.

  • 2. Is it possible to reserve a product from our limited edition?
    No, we don’t offer this service. Except the fact that the product is a Pre-Order.

  • 3. How do I know the quantity of the limited edition?
    These editions are strictly limited. Therefore, they will be produced in small numbers. A precise number won’t be provided.

  • 4. Can I design my own wrap?
    That's possible. Please contact us for further information.

Linen are made of the flax plant fibres through a complex process. Linen has a very smooth and shiny surface. Because there is no air trapped between the fibres, there is almost no pilling. It is less vulnerable regarding the collection of dirt and bacteria. Thanks to its air balancing feature, it has a cooling effect in summer.



Modal fibres are made of beech wood. They are wonderful soft, command a huge moisture adoption and dry quickly. The beech trees used for our modal fibres are mainly from Austria and produced environmentally friendly.



The KOKADI Newsletter informs you about the latest releases, campaigns und upcoming fairs. In contrast to our Facebook posts, the newsletter provides you with a in-depth description of the product characteristics (weave, grammage, price…)



The KOKADI Onbu baby carrier with thickly padded shoulder straps and without a waist belt. This carrier is most likely suited for those with a sensitive middle section (e.g. stomach) or pregnant women. It’s recommended for babies capable of sitting and toddlers.

  • 1. Which payment methods are available?
    You can pay via PayPal or bank transfer. Please add your order number to the payment.

    PayPal address: paypal@kokadi.de

    Bank account information:
    KOKADI GmbH und Co. KG
    Münchner Bank
    IBAN: DE63 7019 0000 0002 5405 41

  • 2. Can I assemble two orders together to one order?
    We are sorry, but we do not offer this service. Please check all items in your basket if the order is already complete. Please note that shipping costs are charged per order. Unfortunately, a subsequent refund is not possible.

  • 3. Can I change my shipping address, my payment method etc. afterwards?
    This is technically not possible. Please check your personal data before submitting.

  • 4. I have bought a wrap, however, solely the shipping cost is recognised as the paid amount and not the wrap. Will I receive my wrap?
    In this case, we put some wraps aside, so we can offer the desired wrap afterwards. It also could happen that the desired size is not available anymore. In this case: first come, first serve.

  • 5. Will I get a bill per post?
    Due to ecological reasons, we renounce to send your bill per post. You will receive a detailed bill via e-mail.

  • 6. Why can I order just one wrap / why are some wraps limited per household?
    We reserve the right to limit the number of wraps per each household.


Pre Order

A Pre Order is a binding ordering of a baby wrap in a specific size. The period of time in which it can be ordered is limited. Half of the prize should be paid directly after ordering. The remaining amount shortly before shipping. You will be notified about the payment in advance.



Innovations, for example new baby carriers, are developed in cooperation with Trageschule Hamburg due to the optimal ergonomically adjustment. Safety is our highest priority, therefore we won’t accept compromises regarding product development or production.



The KOKADI raffles will be posted at our official KOKADI Facebook Page or at the official Facebook fanclub page. The conditions of participation will be explained in every posting and great surprises are waiting of you. Taking part is worthwhile.


For us, one of the most important things are current fashion trends and unique designs. That’s why we are releasing a new KOKADI design weekly. Interested? Then take a look. The upcoming releases will be announced in Facebook, WhatsApp and in our Newsletter.

Returning and Exchange
  • 1. How can I send my parcel back?
    For this, only two steps are necessary.

    1. Apply for a refund!
    In order to refund the purchase price as quick as possible – please use our return form.

    2. Send the package back!
    Please hand your package to any parcel shop. We will refund the purchase price or send the exchange items back within 10 days after receiving the product. If you want to send your parcel back, please only use this address:

    KOKADI GmbH & Co. KG
    Fischerfleck 8
    85737 Ismaning

    (Please make sure that returns to other addresses of KOKADI can’t be accepted. We recommend to keep the posting document till the end of the complete processing time of your return)

  • 2. How long does it take until my return is processed and my money is refunded?
    We will process returns in a timely manner and refund the invoice amount within 10 days following receipt of the goods. If you haven’t received a confirmation or refund within this period, we would ask you to send us an email to mail@kokadi.de so that we can check your request and you will receive the invoice amount as soon as possible.

  • 3. Will the postage for the return be refunded?
    The postage costs for the return are no longer accepted according to the modification of law on 13th of July 2014 (please check our terms and conditions for further information).

  • 4. What happens if the product that should be returned was already in use?
    Please keep in mind that we only take back flawless and unwashed goods. If the packaging, instructions or the enclosed baby wrap bag are damaged or missing, we reserve the right to charge a lump sum of €30.-.

Download return form
Right of first refusal

Pre-purchase rights are issued exclusively by employees of the company KOKADI. The transfer of the right of first refusal is not possible.

Pre-purchase rights can be claimed before each release in the KOKADI shop, unless it is expressly indicated that the use of a right of first refusal is not possible.

The right of first refusal can only be applied to products of the company KOKADI.

Pre-purchase rights must be claimed at least 24 hours before the release date. If the release falls on Saturday or Sunday, the right of first refusal must be made until Friday 12:00 a.m.

Only pre-purchase rights that are addressed to mail@kokadi.de can be considered. Unfortunately, we cannot take account of other registrations.

The order confirmation and the invoice will be sent before release.

After using the right of purchase, it automatically expires.

If a cloth is not expected to be in stock or if the cloth is cancelled, the right of pre-purchase can be re-applied after prior arrangement.


The KOKADI RingSling is especially easy to put on and wear. All you have to do is twine the wrap through the rings. The baby can rest either on your hip or on your front torso.


Is it possible to receive a sibling’s discount?

We offer you a discount for your second baby carrier or baby wrap from our standard edition in the amount of 30 %. In this case, we need the birth certification of your babies or the relevant page of your maternity log. If you are interested, you are welcome to send us an email at mail@kokadi.de.


Silk is a natural animal fibre. It is derived from the cocoon of the silkworm. These threads, spun while cocooning, are unspun and then several threads are twisted together. This thread is now processed into a smooth textile surface. Therefore, silk is highly tear resistant and isolates against the cold as well as the heat.

Shipping and delivery
  • 1. Where can I see the tracking number for my shipment?
    After the shipment of goods the tracking number can be found under the category "my orders".

  • 2. How long does it take to deliver the ordered goods?
    The delivery time for our standard edition products is normally 3-4 working days. However, for our limited editions the delivery time may vary.

  • 3. How much does shipping cost?
    You can see the shipping costs here in our shipping costs table.

Due to the spread-squat-position the baby's back is slightly rounded, the legs are straddled and the knees are roughly the same high than the baby’s navel. Thereby, the spread ankle accounts of the thighs account approx. 90 degrees. In many cases, the posture is automatically adopted, for example when the baby is lying on the belly or is raised up.

Standard Edition

Our standard edition is, contrary to our limited edition, in stock and can be reordered at any time. Among the most popular designs count for example: Diorite Stars, Erna in Wonderland, Ahoi!, Leon in Wonderland, etc.

Stalking Free Pass / SFP

The KOKADI Stalking Free Pass grants you the opportunity to be the first above all others securing the desirable product. By participating in one of our raffles, you get the chance to win a stalking free pass. For more information on our stalking pass, please refer to our category "right of first refusal".



Thanks to our KOKADI Teaser it is almost impossible to miss an upcoming release.


Our KOKADI baby carriers are coming in three size variations. Toddler size carriers can be used from size 74 to 98.



Our mobile phone is a constant companion. That’s why we give you the possibility to register for our WhatsApp Newsletter. That’s done within a few seconds and of course, it’s completely free.

Do you still have some questions?

Where to register?
At our website www.kokadi.de. Simply save the phone number given on the website as a contact and send a message with “start” via WhatsApp.

How often do I receive news?
For special releases and campaigns. But don’t be afraid, we will not be spamming you. If you don’t like to receive this service anymore - It’s easy to log off.

How to sign off the WhatsApp Newsletter?
By sending the word “stop”, you will be removed from the mailing list.

By sending the word “stop”, you will be removed from the mailing list.
Your mobile phone number will be solely used regarding the WhatsApp service and not passed on to third parties. With the message “Alle Daten löschen”, all of your information will be removed as soon as possible from the server.

  • 1. What characterises a good wrap?
    There are different criteria for a good baby wrap. The fabric should be woven diagonal elastic. The edges should be sewed twice to ensure stability of the little head of your baby. The used raw materials should be free of pollutants, spittle and sweat resistant. It is also helpful when the wrap has a mark in the middle of it. Furthermore, skewed ends facilitate the closure with a knot.

  • 2. My husband would like to wear our baby, too. Which size of wrap will be the perfect one?
    The length of the wrap depends on your height as well as your size. If you are not sure which one to choose, simply take one size larger.

  • 3. Does every wrap automatically comes in a sling as well?
    No, Slings are only available in certain designs.

  • 4. Where are the KOKADI wraps produced?
    Our wraps are made in Europe, with a primary focus on quality and security controls.

KOKADI offers two different Wrap Con baby carriers, the WrapTai and the WrapStar. Both baby carriers can be used from birth to the end of the carrying period.


The KOKADI WrapStar is an unique baby carrier variation of the classic Wrap Conversion developed by KOKADI. This carrier wraps around you without any buckles. The shoulder straps are completely made of wrap fabric and can be expanded along the shoulders so that baby’s weight is comfortably distributed onto the wearer. The waist belt is similar to the KOKADI TaiTai thickly padded with soft foam which can be opened and closed with the well-known KOKADI buckle.


The KOKADI baby carrier WrapTai is a carrier that wraps around you without any buckles. The shoulder straps, as well as the waist belt, are completely made of wrap fabric. The shoulder straps can be expanded by unfolding, so that baby’s weight is ideally distributed onto the wearer’s shoulder.



Our KOKADI baby carriers are available in three different sizes. For the elders, we have the Toddler XL in our assortment. It can be used from size 86 to 104 and 15 kg.