KOKADI Charity

KOKADI provides refugee families with baby carriers.

Even if in 2017, the high number of refugees in Germany is graded as declining by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, most of refugees are missing the basic needs. Especially for parents and their children, the situation is precarious. That’s why KOKADI has the aim to support refugee families with our babywearing products – a little contribution in that challenging time.

Already 500 KOKADI baby carriers and about 100 KOKADI RingSlings were ordered and financed. The future provision will be financed by the sale of bracelets and carrying bags. These bracelets can be ordered directly from KOKADI. The selling price goes to 100% in the named charity program. KOKADI is especially proud of hundreds of KOKADI fans who have already joined together in the various groups on Facebook and identified the needs in several refugee camps! Furthermore, they stay in touch with responsible authorities, visit the camps, and speak with the mothers in order to provide the best help for them! Because we remain faithful to our motto: KOKADI means connecting!

Support of midwives!


loves midwives

Midwive with pregnant woman besides her

Birth assistance in danger! Pregnant women feel left in the lurch!

That’s only one of numerous headlines right now. The current working situation for midwives is very difficult. High insurance costs complicate the pursuit of this profession. But this must not happen - that’s why KOKADI supports Hebammen für Deutschland e.V.

KOKADI donates for the DKMS!

Purse from one hand to another

If a patient is diagnosed with cancer, this is a stroke for the whole family – Silence. Anger. Helplessness. An avalanche of different feelings is rolling towards the family. The only way out is the donation of ancestral cells. But not in every case, the family has the possibility to help the patient with the right ancestral cells. Therefore, through the German Bone Marrow Donor Center (DKMS) the patients can benefit from unrelated donor stem cell transplantation.

The DKMS is a non-profit organization and therefore, depends on financial support. KOKADI could awaken the awareness of the organization on their own fan party and collected donations through the participation on the raffle. The proceeds went to 100 percent to DKMS. The main goal of KOKADI was to collect many new registrations and thus, many new opportunities for blood cancer patients