Advantages Baby Wraps

Easy. Unique.

Baby wrap model

You don’t longer get baby wraps out of your head? Then, pull yourself together and choose a KOKADI baby wrap. Namely, because of these reasons:

  • Our KOKADI baby wrap can be used from birth on.
  • We have to admit: Wrapping has to be learned, but when the handles fit routinely, it’s very simple to tie the wrap.
  • With the correct wrapping, your baby automatically takes the spread-squat position.
  • The sling is wonderfully smooth and perfectly adapts itself to every kind of body.
  • You can choose between many different wrapping variations – whether in the front, at the back or on the side – whatever you want.
  • Small folded, the wrap fits in your diaper bag.
Mother tries out a baby wrap

A little clue from our KOKADI Community:

We know that many parents are afraid of the scenario that their little sweetheart is falling out of the wrap. But with the correct wrapping technique, this fear is completely unfounded. But if you still have any concerns, just contact one of our certificate baby wearing consultants nearby.