Colorfull yarns

Think global, act local!

KOKADI isn’t a “off the shelf” product - everything is handmade.

The social working conditions and environmentally conscious functioning are as important as the carefully selected raw materials and gentle processing of our natural materials. All babywearing products are handmade and produced under fair working conditions. Our team is “all fired up” for our products, no matter if they work in our sewing, our customer service or our design department. We all pull together, working to transform it into what it is now. A special product, which connects you and your baby during a wonderful babywearing time. Moreover, KOKADI is in great demand as an employer – we developed many different business models that facilitate the combination of career and family. Not for nothing, we have been awarded as a family friendly company.

Organic – raw materials

Only the best for you and your baby

Thus, we use solely 100% organic seeds for our processed cotton. The plants from our plantation are fertilized organically without using herbicides and pesticides. Therefore, pests are controlled naturally. After the cotton is fully ripe, it’s carefully harvested by expert hands and processed to high quality cotton: our raw material for your wraps.

Cotton in hand