why babywearing?

Babywearing promotes bonding between you and your baby. The bond that started at birth continues to be reinforced by affectionate, physical contact. Your baby receives the closeness and security she desires, while you enjoy the satisfaction of having a very happy baby. For both of you, babywearing offers a special time with lots of cuddles. 

You can also carry out your daily tasks without worrying because baby is with you the whole time. Baby will be content looking around and taking in her new world while she hears the wonderful melody of your heartbeat, which she is already so familiar with from the womb. The steady beat, the cozy warmth, and your movements rock your baby calmly and gently to sleep. While your child is sleeping peacefully close to you, you will have time to play or do crafts with older siblings. Even a field trip will be more fun for the whole family because it becomes an easy task with your carrier. Just carry your little one with you wrapped cozily in your kokadi wrap while you explore and have adventures with the rest of your family!

You will also enjoy knowing that baby is completely safe and supported in whatever kokadi carrier or wrap you choose due to the secure design of all of our products. The spread-squat position (M-position) provides for optimal hip development and support of the back and neck, creating an oasis of complete well-being for baby.

What could be more comforting than cuddling your baby in a stylish and colorful sling? Babies and parents alike are fascinated by the beautiful colors of the wraps. Children can start to learn simple shapes from the striking contrasts and designs created by our Jaquard weaving technique. This experience provides natural training for sensory perception.

And best of all, you will always have a fashion accessory that decorates you, and lets you radiate in your new role as mom.


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