TaiTai and Flip - easy and convenient

We know, as a mom, you have a whole day packed with various things to do. Even if your world is upside down, your baby is able to stay close to you and knows the security that you give them. Your baby will be content and well-balanced knowing she can be close to you. We have developed our carriers to meet your needs and make things easier on you.

Our baby carriers can be infinitely adjusted in the panel and thus grow with baby. You can set the size with a velcro fastener, located on the inside of the waist belt, which also protects sensitive baby feet from chafing. We offer the Kokadi TaiTai and Kokadi Flip in three different sizes to ensure optimum support for your little sweetheart. The headrest can be attached using snaps.  Bundled it supports baby's neck or it can also cover baby's head for weather protection.

The shoulder straps are snapped into the hip belt on the Kokadi Flip in order to prevent pressure on baby's sensitive back.
The Flip Toddler size and Toddler size XL has an additional buckle so you and baby can decide where to fasten the shoulder straps wherever is most comfortable.

Our carriers are produced under fair work conditions within Europe and undergo strict safety guidelines and quality controls. 


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