"Kokadi" said the then 17-month-old daughter of our founder, Ceyda Temur. "kokadi" she said, all day, from morning to night....

During this time Ceyda Temur, an enthusiastic "carrying Mama" had an idea forming in her mind: to bring her own brand onto the woven wrap market. Before long, "kokadi" was born! Ceyda designed patterns and played with the colors, and in July 2010 the first kokadi wrap was created: "Stars". It was followed immediately by our second wrap: "Melody".

Ceyda finally knew what her daughter was trying to tell her all that time when she was playfully saying "kokadi": "She helped us fulfill our dream and also gave us our Company name!"

What makes kokadi special? We bring fashion to babywearing. Your wrap should be noticed. The soft and strong material in your wrap should be comfortable and safe, but its design should also reflect the trends of modern fashion. Moms and dads should feel as comfortable and happy with their wrap as baby is while being carried comfortably and happily through life.

When the daughter of our founder so naturally said "kokadi" it was 2010. Since then, kokadi has since become an independent brand; a brand carried high into the heavens - and not just because of the star in our logo! We combine all of the important things in life: organic farming, sustainable production, environmental awareness, conservation of resources and fair remuneration with trendy designs, elegance and the latest in fashion. Our team cares about all of these things, and we know you care about them too.

Our personal relationship when dealing with customers, big or small, is very important to us. That's why we attend trade shows, conferences and meet ups to explain and demonstrate our wraps and baby carriers and talk with our customers and understand their needs and desires.

Parenting with kokadi means that there are only two options: to wear or to be worn!

We look forward to getting to know you and being a part of your babywearing adventure!

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