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In the womb, baby is well protected from the outside world. She is warm and feels safe and completely cared for. Your familiar movements rock her fast asleep. Your heartbeat and the wooshing sound of your pulse is your baby's lullaby. In this familiar environment your baby has time to rest, grow and be at ease.

After birth, your baby still loves to snuggle and cuddle with you like she did in the womb. She will probably be most comfortable when she is snuggled close to you and can feel your warm skin and can smell your familiar scent. That's why cuddles aren't just enjoyable for mom or dad and baby, but they are actually a very important part of bonding with your baby once she leaves the womb and enters the world. 

We want to give you and your baby this wonderful feeling of safety, comfort, and closeness when you use our wraps and carriers. Kokadi products provide the necessary stability for you and your sweet little bundle by providing a secure, safe carry and at the same time being so soft that you and your baby will want to snuggle together all the time. 

We also understand that being a parent is a transition for mom and dad. That's why we make sure that our wraps and carriers are beautiful, fashionable accessories that will compliment your style. Our products really are a must have accessory in themselves. Our colors and patterns are planned in detail and designed with love. The colors are chosen with great care to compliment each other. This creates unique wraps that are stylish, colorful and true trendsetters. There is something for every taste and style. We do fashion with a heart: for you and your baby. 

Since mid-2010 we have brought joy to many moms and dads with our innovative and stylish baby wraps and carriers, and we don't plan to stop anytime soon. We are always coming up with new designs! Come by, take a look at our website, and visit us at trade shows or on Facebook. We look forward to seeing you!


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