1. Can I assemble two orders together to one order?

We are sorry, but we do not offer this service anymore. Please check all items in your basket if the order is allready complete.

2. I have bought a wrap and paid by Paypal. After checking my Paypal Account I have allready paid the shipping costs and not the wrap. Will I receive my wrap? 

For this case we put some wraps beside and can offer the desired wrap afterwards. It could also happen, that the desired size is not available anymore. For this case: we edit after order entries. 

3. Where can I find my tracking number?

You will find it after shipping in your personal page by "your orders". 

4. Will I get a bill per post?

Due to ecological reasons we abdiaction to send a bill per post. You will receive a detailed bill by E-Mail. 

5. Why can I order just one wrap / why are some wraps limited per household?

We reserve to limit the amount of wraps per each household.

6. When will I get my refund for a return? 
We process returns within 7 days from receipt of the return.
If you don´t get a message or refund within this 7 days, please be so kind to contact us by email: mail@kokadi.de.
We´ll check that as soon as possible.

7. How can I pay?
You can pay your order by Paypal or bank transfer. Please add your ordernumber to the payment.

Paypal address: paypal@kokadi.de

Bank account information: 
kokadi GmbH und Co. KG
VR Bank München Land eG
IBAN: DE61 7016 6486 00034590 63



1. It is possible to reserve a wrap of the limited edition?

We are sorry but we do not office ths service, exept it is a pre-order.

2. What is a pre-order? 

A pre-order is a binding preorder of a wrap in a certain size. The order time is defined. A half of the amount of the wrap should be immediately paid after order. The other half you should pay before delivery. We will inform you in a seperate E-Mail of the delivery date and the date till the payment should be done.  

3. How can I get the information of the number of wraps of the limited edition?

Our special edition are strictly limited. They will be produced in a low number of pieces. We do not announce an exactly number of pieces. 

4. Can I design my own limited edition wrap? 

It is principle possible. Please get directly in contact with us.  

5. Is from every wrap a RingSling available?

No, there are just RingSlings from certain wraps.

6. Whereon I have a look for buying a good wrap? 

There are different criterias for a good baby wearing wrap. The fabric should be woven diagonal elastic. The border of the wrap should be sewed twice for a good stability of the little head of your baby. The used raw materials have to be contaminat-free, spittle and sweat constant. It also will be helpful when the wrap has a mark in the middle of it. Skewed ends will be alleviate the knot of the wrap. Außerdem erleichtern abgeschrägte Enden das Knoten.

7. My husband would also like to wear our baby. Which size of wrap will be the perfect one? 

The length of the wrap comply with your body height as also your size. If you are insecure you can choose one size larger. 

8. Where the kokadi wraps will be produced?

Our wraps will be produced in Turkey with strengh quality and security controls. Further information you will get in the category "production".


Baby carriers

1. Are your baby carriers safe? 

Yes, our baby carriers are inimitable in converting and will be go through strict quality controls. 

2. How I close the buckles in a correct way? 

Push the buckle under the security rubber band and secure with the buckle counterpart
Be very careful that no pressure or weight lies on the safety band.
Or the weight will relax the rubber band
In addition, the safety band exists only for the case that the buckle doesn't work. Therefore, a pressure on the safety band, as long as it is not used, isn't recommended.


baby wearing constructions

1. Since when can I wear my baby in a wrap? 

The birth of a baby is an amazing performance of your body. The pelvic floor is allready a little bit stretched and possible sutures have to be healed. You can wear your baby when you feel fit for it. Your baby have to be supported from the wrap, that the baby will not dump it from one side to the other or to sink down. 

2. Can I wear my newborn erectly in the wrap? 

Yes, if the baby will be fixed in the wrap. The back and the neck have to be good supported.

3. Is it to heavy for my pelvic floor to wear a baby after birth?

No, you should choose a tying method which will be comfortable for you and your baby. If you choose an appropriate tying method it will be helpful for your own carriage. 


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