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Fashion that comes from the heart, and is practical too. That is Kokadi. Our core team consists of seasoned babywearing parents. In some areas, we are also supported now by external collaborators. This raises the ever growing team of Kokadi to:

CeydaCeyda Temur

CEO and Creative Director

"kokadi " said her 17-month-old daughter all day, from morning to night. It was in one of those moments that Ceyda Temur, an ever enthusiastic babywearer, was struck with the idea to put her own twist on the babywearing sling. Thus " Kokadi " was born. Ceyda designed the styles and played with the colors, and in July of 2010 the company’s first sling was born. Each sling is unique, sturdy, and eyecatching: our designs (always in soft yet durable material) reflect current trends. It’s just as important that parents feel comfortable wearing our slings as it is that your little one feels safe and supported while being worn. We now know what Ceyda's daughter wanted to tell us all along. That she supports the dream we’re pursuing, and wanted to help us in her own little way: by giving us the company name - kokadi.
E-Mail: ceyda(at)kokadi.de



Aytac Temur

CFO and Head of Production 

"Our children are the future"...a saying used by many, and a saying that Aytac Temur lives by. Called "Mr. Wonderland" by many fans after one of our most elegant wraps, his heart and soul is dedicated to family.

"As a certified automotive engineer, mobility for me is very important. By car or on foot; quality and comfort go hand and hand, especially when carrying my most valuable asset: my child. There should be no compromise - and we work every day to ensure that there isn’t.“


E-Mail: aytac(at)kokadi.de




Anne Göthe

Graphic Design

Anne is the creative mind of Kokadi, having already created the stylish and legendary designs "Rock’n’Roll" and "Oldschool". 

Anne has created many other great designs, from rocking to frisky, and urban to romantic and brought to life on the loom with precious materials.

E-Mail: anne.goethe(at)kokadi.de






anneStephanie Günther

Head of Sales & Human Resources

Stephanie is a heart and soul retailer and has many years of experience in commerce and managing human resources. In 2014 she met Ceyda and helped support the Kokadi team at a fair in the last quarter of 2014. Thrilled by Kokadi's positive atmosphere, she braved the the switch to a job where her skills, experience, and ethical vision could be reconciled.

"The deep appreciation of people, animals and nature is an important part of my life. I'm impressed by the team, the products, and their manufacturing processes. With Kokadi & Pupidu I'm pleased that I have finally arrived." She has been leading the company since February 2015 in commerce and is the responsible contact person for merchants in kokadi and pupidu.

E-Mail: stephanie.guenther(at)kokadi.de




Rebecca Steimer

Costumer Care Agent, Specializing in Social Media

Rebecca is a qualified wholesale and foreign trade clerk and is experienced in customer relationship management and pre-sales. When Rebecca's second daughter was born in 2013, she researched child bonding and babywearing. That’s how she found kokadi.

Since 2014 Rebecca has supported kokaki in CRM, and  in the customer service department as well since June 2015.

E-Mail: rebecca.steimer(at)kokadi.de






Yvonne Welser

Professionals Contact Partner, Fair Coordinator & Claim Management  

Yvonne is passionate about working with people. Within the sales team she is responsible for technical personnel, seminars, and merchants, and she can be found at our trade fairs and working in returns management. In kokadi two areas flow together to combine Yvonne's core competencies . As a graduate social worker with a focus on adult education and seminar leadership, Yvonne knows the world of training and presentation. As an instructor at "Trageschule Hamburg" and founder of the first cloth diaper school in a German-speaking country, she contributes technical know-how to our kokadi and Pupidu articles. Yvonne says: "The leap from social worker to sales is exciting and never boring for me, especially in a company in which the product is ethical from start to finish!"

E-Mail: yvonne.welser(at)kokadi.de








There are many more great people behind Kokadi who deserve to be mentioned at this time.

For example: the 60 women and men in production, who weave  and sew our stars and wonderlands with their magic fingers. Also the 5 hardworking logistic heroes who ensure that our goods are well packed, and safely delivered to you. They all work in the background - but are an essential part of our team.

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